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1. The Competition shall be called the "Prostar Cup."

2. The Council of the Barkston Ash District Football Association shall have the entire control and management of the Competitions, who shall decide on all questions regarding the interpretation of these Rules or any other matter relating to the competition for which these Rules do not provide.

3. The Cup shall be competed for annually, the early rounds will be played in August, by Clubs affiliated to the West Riding County Football Association, who are based in the Barkston Ash District, playing Saturday or Sunday Football.

4.Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for this competition shall be £12 and this MUST be paid to the Association Secretary,or as directed, by 1st July in each year .

5. Eligibility of Players

Clubs playing in this Competition may only play players who have been registered with their respective Clubs / Leagues to play for that specific team at least 7 days prior to the set fixture date.

Any protest regarding the qualifications of any players under this Rule must be made in accordance with Rule 23.Any Club found guilty of playing an ineligible player will be struck out of the competition and fined £20.

No player shall be allowed to play for more than one Club in this Competition.

No player under written contract shall be eligible to play in this competition.

6. Ground Details.

The Club having choice of ground MUST, at least five days prior to the date upon which the tie is scheduled, advise the opposing Club Secretary directions to their Dressing rooms and Ground. The Home Club MUST also advise the match Official(s) of the details regarding dressing room and ground location.

Clubs in breach of this Rule will be fined £10.

7. Substitutes, Team Sheets.

The substitute Rule as approved by the Football association shall operate. Five substitutes may be named and a maximum of Three used in all Cup matches, and their names must be given to the referee before the match. Un-named substitutes will not be allowed to participate. A named substitute who does not play in the match shall be deemed not to have played.

Each Club must exchange a list of players taking part in the match with their opponents 15 minutes prior to Kick Off. Each Club must provide the referee with a team sheet, correctly completed 15 minutes prior to kick off. Clubs in breach of this Rule will be fined £10.

8. Exemptions.

The Council shall have power to exempt such Clubs as it may deem fit from taking part in the first round of the Competition.

9. Misconduct.

The Council shall have power to deal with any Club, official or player who may be proved guilty of any breach of the Rules of the Association.

10. The Draw.

The Council shall be responsible for the draw in each round of the competition. The Club, which is in each instance first drawn in the ballot, shall have choice of ground. Semi finals and final matches will be played on neutral ground, unless the Council decides otherwise.

The matches shall be played on the date and time set by the Council.

11. Duration of Matches

In all matches the duration of the match shall be 90 minutes, (in two equal halves) but not less than 70 minutes (in two equal halves), at the discretion of the referee. When a match has ended in a draw, the match will be will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the FA recommended procedure. (There will be NO EXTRA TIME)

The half time interval shall be a maximum of 10 minutes, and this may only be altered with the consent of the referee.

12. Failure to Play

Any Club failing to play in any match without showing sufficient cause may be adjudged guilty of serious misconduct and shall be dealt with as provided for in Rule 12 of the Association.

13. Grounds.

The dimensions and marking out of the ground shall be in accordance with Law 1 of the Football Association. The Field of Play must be kept clear of spectators and goal nets must be used in all matches. The home Club shall be responsible for the observance of this Rule, and where adequate arrangements are not made it may be liable to a fine not exceeding £10 and expulsion from the competition.

The Home Club must provide at least two suitable match balls to the referee 15 minutes prior to kick off time. Any Club in breach of this Rule shall be liable to a fine of £10 .

14. Colours.

No player, including the goalkeeper, shall be permitted to wear black or very dark shirts. All Clubs must register their colours with the Association. Clubs changing colours during the season must notify the Association secretary, failure to notify a colour change will result in a fine of £10.

Where the colours of the two competing clubs are similar, the HOME Club must change, unless alternative arrangements are mutually agreed by both Clubs. In Semi-Finals and Finals BOTH Clubs must change.

Players’ shirts or shorts shall be numbered. Clubs reported for not having numbered shirts or shorts shall be fined £5.

15. Postponed, Abandoned or Drawn Matches.

Matches postponed or drawn shall be played on the next available date (or as instructed by the Association). All abandoned matches shall be reviewed by the Council who shall have power to deal with such matches as they deem fit.

16. Results of Matches.

The Secretary of each Club shall send the result of the match on the form provided. The form must be fully completed with the Full Names of all participating players and also the name and mark given to the referee. This form must be sent to the Association Secretary within 4 days of completion of the fixture, failure to do so will result in a fine of £10 being imposed.

Any Club submitting an incorrect or incomplete form will be fined £10

The home Club Secretary is requested to ring the result of the match to the Association Secretary on the day of the match.

The Secretary of the Home Club must report any postponed or abandoned match to the Association Secretary on the day of the match. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5 being imposed.

17. Late Starts.

All matches must commence at the appointed time. Unless a satisfactory explanation be given, Clubs responsible for a late start shall be fined £10 for the first 15 minutes or part thereof, and £1 per minute thereafter.

18. Referees

(a) Neutral Referees shall be appointed for all games. The referees fee shall be £20 + 30p per mile travelling expenses. In Semi Finals and Finals assistant referees shall be appointed. The assistant referees fees shall be £10.00 + 30p per mile travelling expenses.

(b) Where assistant referees are not appointed, each Club must supply a competent linesman who will carry out the instructions given by the referee for the duration of the game. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £10 being imposed.

(c.) In all matches up to the semi finals the Home Club shall pay the officials. In semi finals the cost of the officials to be shared by both Clubs.

(d) Each Club shall, in the manner prescribed from time to time by the Football Association, award marks to the Referee for each match and the name of the Referee and the marks awarded shall be submitted to the League Secretary, on the Result Report Form. provided.

Clubs failing to comply with Rule shall be fined £10

Where a mark of 50 or less is awarded, a written explanation, signed by the Secretary and Chairman of the Club concerned, must be submitted along with the Result report Form. Clubs in breach of this Rule shall be fined £10.

The Association shall keep a record of the markings and on the form provided and by the prescribed date each season shall submit a summary to the County Football Association as appropriate.

Referees and Assistant referees shall in all matches wear the traditional black and white uniform.

19. Notification of matches & Appointments.

The Association Secretary will as soon as possible after the draw has been made, send a copy of the draw to all the Clubs remaining in the competition and to all appointed officials.

Clubs must acknowledge receipt of this notification to the Association Secretary as per Association Rule 26. Officials must confirm receipt of appointment with the Referees Appointment Secretary.

20. Admission Charges: -

The Final shall be played on ground decided by the Council. A charge for admission will be made at the final. The Council will decide the price of admission.

All proceeds from the final match, after expenses have been met, shall be paid into the Association Funds.

21. Cup Mementoes

In addition to the Cup the Association may present mementoes to the players taking part in the Final.

A player dismissed from the field during the final must not be presented with a memento at the end of the match. The Council will make a decision about this memento.

The Cup shall be a 'Challenge Cups' and shall never be won outright by any Club.

All Cup winners must have the Club's name engraved on the trophy and the trophy must be returned to the Association as instructed. Clubs in breach of this Rule will be fined £20.

22. Penalty for Violating Rules.

Except where a Rule states a specific penalty for infringement, the Council shall have the power to deal with any offence at its discretion.

All fines shall be paid as per Association Rule 16.

23. Protests and Objections.

Protest and Objections relating to any violation of the Cup Rules or Association Rules must be lodged, by the protesting Club, with the Association Secretary within 4 days of the date of playing the tie accompanied by a deposit of £10, which shall be forfeited if the Council considers the protest trivial or groundless. Protest shall be made in writing and sent to the Association Secretary by registered letter or recorded delivery, and at the same time a copy shall be sent by registered letter or recorded delivery to the Club against whom the protest is made.

Any objection relative to ground, goal posts, bars or other appurtenances must be made to the referee and to the captain of the opposing Club at least 10 minutes before the game commences. If possible the fault should be remedied.

If the Council subsequently discovers that any Rule has, in its opinion, been violated by mutual arrangement between Clubs or otherwise, it shall be in the power of the Council to disqualify any such Clubs from further competing in the competition, or to order the tie to be replayed and otherwise deal with the offenders without any formal protest having been made.

No objection or protest shall be withdrawn except by leave of the Council.

24. Appeals against Decisions.

Appeals against decisions of the Council shall be made in accordance with Membership Rule 5 of the West Riding County Football Association.

25. Other Matters

The Council reserves the right to deal with anything not provided for in these Rules, providing that they are in accord with the Football Association Regulations.