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Information for Referee's Reporting cautions on Whole Game

Whole Game system login

Ø  Referee administration

Ø  ‘Click to add a new match or appointment

Ø  Select role (referee or assistant referee)

Ø  Select match date (from calendar)

Ø  Select the radial button ‘LEAGUES AND LEAGUE CUPS’

Ø  In search field type ‘BARKSTON’ (the only result returned is ‘BARKSTON ASH FA – null’

Ø  Select it

Ø  Then you can search for your home and away teams – and they are all searchable.

   Ø  Once done you can Add a Caution – and all the players are there


Barkston Ash Referee's Association Gold Award

We are delighted to confirm that Barkston Ash Referee's Association has been given official recognition of its achievements from The FA/RA by the award of QUEST Gold.

Barkston Ash Referee's Association are the only association in the country to have been recognised with this status.

Well done to all Barkston Ash Referee's Association for their hard work in achieving this award.



Barkston Ash RA has today been awarded with QUEST Silver. This award gives us National recognition for the great strides we have made as an association in the last 18 months. It demonstrates our commitment to developing all our members so that they have quality training and support to enable them to reach their full capacity as match officials in the National Game. We are one of only two associations in the country to have gained this status, with no association yet being awarded gold. The process is extremely rigorous; indeed it has taken many hours of work over a 6 month period, gathering and submitting evidence across a range of criteria.

The feedback from the audit team is that we have an 'excellent platform on which to achieve gold' and you can rest assured that we will be aiming for this in the near future.

We can all be be very proud of our part in gaining this award and flying the flag for Barkston Ash RA!



(QUality Excellence STandard) for "delivering excellence" enables all local Associations affiliated to The Referees’ Association (RA), regardless of size or location, an equal opportunity to share in best practice and gain recognition for achieving a standard of service and support which is recognised by both The RA and The Football Association (FA).
The principal objective of QUEST is to improve the function and quality of each local Association. The scheme is inclusive and has been designed to allow all local Associations to achieve QUEST Gold status over a period of time.

Former Premier League referee Neale Barry presented the Barkston Ash Referee’s Association with their National Referee’s Association QUEST Silver Award 

There are 3 levels of QUEST:

 QUEST Bronze – Foundation level, basic for all local Associations – foundation level. (RA award)

QUEST Silver – Intermediate level for local Associations that wish to demonstrate that they are operating at a higher level and are moving towards the requirements for QUEST Gold. (RA Award)

QUEST Gold – Highest level for local Associations which have achieved excellence in all aspects of the QUEST programme.

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